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Ascending aortic dissection in the developing world; case report

Y.C. Kumtap, C.M. Chundusu, V.S. Gomerep, S.C. Rapheal, P.M. Davwar, P.S. Dayom, I Nwakwaka, Salam Salam, S.S. Danbauchi


Aortic dissection is frequently a life threatening condition and is the most common emergency of the acute aortic syndromes. Left untreated or poorly treated; the mortality rate has been reported to increase by 1-3% per hour after presentation and is approximately 36-72% within an hour of diagnosis and 62-91% within one week. Various contributory factors related to human resources, technical resources, socio-economic constraints and other utilities in poor income countries with poor health indices also worsen the prognosis of acute aortic dissection. We have made an attempt to remind ourselves of the continued existence and challenges in managing this disease.

Keywords: Aortic Dissection, Mortality, Outcome, Underdeveloped

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