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Intra-operative blood transfusion among adult surgical patients in a tertiary hospital in Benin City, Nigeria

CO Imarengiaye
ME Enosoleaseb
PE Iribhogbec


This retrospective study was designed to audit the pattern of intra-operative whole blood transfusion among adult surgical patients over a two-year period. Data were collected on the rate of intra-operative transfusion, estimated blood loss, units of donor blood transfused, pattern of use of autologous blood and circumstances of the surgery. Fifteen per cent of the surgical population had blood transfusion in the intra-operative period. Over half of the patients (52.3%) received single unit transfusion. Preoperative anaemia was seen in 14.9% of the population. There was no intra-operative estimation of haemoglobin level prior to transfusion. Estimated blood loss of over 500mL was a likely trigger for intra-operative whole blood transfusion. There is need for specific guidelines on the management of intra-operative haemotherapy. Such management strategy may reduce exposure to donor blood, improve safety and save cost for surgical patients.

Key Words: Audit, blood transfusion, intra-operative

(Jnl Med. & Biomed Res.: 1(2) 2002: 17-22)