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The effect of aqueous extract of neem (<i>Azadirachta indica</i>) leaves on liver functions of wistar rats

SO Innih
GI Eze
CD Ekpruke
D Baxter-Grillo


Medicinal plants are part of human society to combat diseases. Azadirachta indica evidently has great medicinal potentials. This work was undertaken to investigate the morphological and some enzymatic effect of A. indica extract on the tissues of the liver. Twenty four (24) adult Wistar rats of both sexes, average weight, 195g were randomly divided into four (4) groups of Control group (n=6), and three (3) test groups of 6 rats each. The test groups (A,B,&C) were administered 750mg/kg, 500mg/kg and 250mg/kg respectively, through an orogastric tube, for 28 days consecutively. After which the animals were sacrificed and the liver was excised and  rocessed for histological examinations. Blood samples were collected for Biochemical analysis. A. indica stimulates production and storage of proteins in the liver. These changes are dosedependent. This study suggests that A.indica extract increases cellularity, immunostimulant activity, boosts the Mononuclear Phagocyte System, and confers hepato protection as well.

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eISSN: 3026-8273
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