Ameliorative effect of aqueous leaf extract of bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) on rifampicin induced renal toxicity in adult wistar rats

  • Agbonluai Richard .O Ehimigbai
  • Amuche Stella Aneke
Keywords: Vernonia amygdalina leaf, Rifampicin, Kidney toxicity, superioxide dismutase, Urea and Creatinine


The aim of this study was to determine the ameliorative effect of aqueous extract of Vernonia amygdalina leaf on rifampicin induced kidney toxicity on adult wistar rats. A total of 40 (forty) adult wistar rats weighing between 190 g to 240 g were divided into 4 groups of ten rats per group. Group A rats were placed on normal diet only while Group B rats received 250 mg/ kg body weight / day (BWT/D) of rifampicin via orogastric tube. Group C rats received 250mg / kg BWT/D of V. amygdalina leaf via orogastric tube. Group D rats received 250 mg/ kg BWT/D of rifampicin and 250mg / kg BWT/D of V. amygdalina leaf via orogastric tube and all the dosage were given for 30 days. The result revealed that group B showed marked increase in the activity of the serum urea, creatinine, catalase and superoxide dismutase along with reduction in level of malonyl dehydrogenase. While the other groups showed normal value of serum catalase, superioxide dismutase, malonyl dehydrogenase, urea and creatinine. Also group B showed severe asymmetric vascular media hypertrophy, intimal erosion and patchy tubular cell cloudy swelling; while group D revealed mild asymmetric media hypertrophy and focal tubular cell cloudy swelling. It can be concluded that the extract was able to ameliorate the rifampicin toxicity when co-administered together.


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eISSN: 1596-6941