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Modeling The Effect Of Extruder Screw Speed On The Mechanical Properties Of High Density Polyethylene Blown Film

L Uyigue
JR Umoh


Mechanical properties of HDPE blown films produced at extruder screw speed between 15 and 40 rpm were measured experimentally. The results were modeled using LINEST function in Microsoft Excel. Two sets of multiple linear regression models were developed to predict impact failure weight and tenacity respectively. The developed models were assessed for goodness of fit using the following statistical tools: correlation coefficient (R2), percentage deviation (P), analysis of variance (ANOVA) and residual plot. The impact failure weight model showed good fits of experimental data with R2 and ANOVA, while the tenacity model indicated good fits of experimental data using R2, P and ANOVA.

Keywords: High density polyethylene, Extruder screw speed, Mechanical
properties, Linear regression models

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eISSN: 1596-3497