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A Study Of Magnetic Fluid Based Squeeze Film Between Porous Rough Elliptical Plates

HC Patel
GM Deheri
RM Patel


Efforts have been made to study and analyze the effect of surface roughness on the performance of magnetic fluid based squeeze film between porous elliptic plates. The transverse roughness of the bearing surface is characterized by a stochastic random variable with non-zero mean, variance and skewness. The associated Reynolds’ equation is solved with appropriate boundary conditions to obtain the pressure distribution leading to the calculation of load carrying capacity. It is observed that the load carrying capacity increases with respect to the magnetization parameter. This increase assumes significance especially when aspect ratio gets increased. However, it is noticed that more or less the bearing suffers owing to transverse surface roughness. Further, it is
seen that negatively skewed roughness enhances the performance of the
bearing system for suitable choices of variance. The performance of the
bearing system records a significant improvement with the increasing values of the aspect ratio when negative variance occurs. Besides, the response time almost follows the trends of load carrying capacity. A close glance at the graphs reveals that the bearing system may register a considerably enhanced performance by choosing a suitable combination of magnetization parameter and the aspect ratio in the case of negatively skewed roughness.

Key words: Magnetic fluid, Reynolds’ equation, Transverse roughness, Squeeze film, Load carrying capacity.

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eISSN: 1596-3497