Cervical abnormalities seen at hysterosalpingogram of infertile women in Jos, North Central Nigeria

  • JA Karshima
  • JE Ekedigwe
  • AS Sagay
Keywords: Cervical disorders, hysterosalpingography, infertile women


Background: Infertility is a major health problem in Nigeria and commonly results from complications of genital tract infections. Abnormalities of the cervix and its secretions are known significant factors in infertility in  women. This study is aimed at determining the pattern of cervical abnormalities detected in cervicograms (CVGs) and assessed the value of the study in evaluation of infertile women in North Central Nigeria.
Materials and Methods: Hysterosalpingograms (HSGs) and radiology report of 998 consecutive infertile women who had HSG over 10.year period at Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos were retrieved and reviewed  retrospectively, with particular attention to the cervicohysterograms. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics with Excel 2010.
Results: The women were aged 15-44 years, 4.4% of them were  teenagers. Women with secondary infertility were more than those with primary infertility (59% vs. 41%). Cervical abnormalities were seen in 12.6% of the women. Complication rate for HSG was 8.5%.
Conclusion: Infection.related cervical disorders were the most common abnormalities seen on the CVGs of women with infertility in this environment. Attention to CVG at HSG, therefore, can give clue to cervical factor in infertility.

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eISSN: 2276-7096