An Exploration of Home-Based Care Program as a Strategy to Manage Covid-19 Cases in Kenya

  • Antony Odek St. Paul’s University
  • Truphosa Kwaka-Sumba St. Paul’s University
  • Koyi Lumasia Alupe University College
  • Quin Awuor United States International University-Africa
Keywords: Community Home Based care, COVID-19


The rapid spread of the Covid-19 infections across the globe has compelled the Kenyan government to ensure that the disease is not only managed, but also contained. The impact of the disease on health facilities is immense. One of the most common policy responses has been the integration of home-based care and treatment as a way of decongesting hospitals. The Kenyan government came up with this proposal at a time when the health facilities were outstretched. There exists scant literature on the issue of home-based care on Covid-19 patients, especially in the developing countries. This study therefore sought to not only assess the available models, components, practices and benefits of home-based care, especially in the management of Covid-19, but it also sought to identify possible challenges that could face this program and recommended solutions to these challenges.

Author Biographies

Antony Odek, St. Paul’s University

Antony Kodek is a Senior Lecturer, Development Studies at St Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya.

Truphosa Kwaka-Sumba, St. Paul’s University

Truphosa Kwaka-Sumba is the Principal, St. Paul’s University Nairobi Campus in Kenya.

Koyi Lumasia, Alupe University College

Koyi Solomon Lumasia is a Lecturer, History and Political Science,

Alupe University College (Constituent of Moi University).

Quin Awuor, United States International University-Africa

Dr. Quin Awuor is an Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics

Department of Languages &Literature (USIU-A)


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1998-1279