Collaborative Networks as a Mechanism for Strengthening Competitiveness: Small and Medium Enterprises and Non-state Actors in Tanzania as Cases

  • Simon Samwel Msanjila Mzumbe University
  • Faustin R. Kamuzora Mzumbe University


Industrial organizations are increasingly facing more challenges in the market and society. These challenges include the scarcity of resources, short delivery time requirement, frequent emergence of new technologies, demand for wide variety of competencies, and limited availability of up-to-date experts. Coping with these challenges requires continuous restructuring and managing changes in organizations. However, only large organizations can afford to institute these changes. It also requires continuous innovation in deployment of emerging technologies and management concepts. Thus, due to their small size, lack of competitive capital and inability to acquire complex opportunities, majority of SMEs and non state actors (NSA) find it difficult to cope with the required speed of change. However, both research and practice have shown that dynamic time/cost-effective and fluid creation of temporary collaborative networks wrought by ICTs is an enabler for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and NSAs in quest of enhancing competitiveness in the marketplace. This article contributes to the understanding of the challenges related to the establishment of collaborative networks of organizations in developing economies and proposes a customizable model for establishing those networks.


Key Terms: Collaborative networks, developing economies, ICTs, SMEs, non state actors, collaborative capital


Author Biographies

Simon Samwel Msanjila, Mzumbe University
Dr. Simon Samwel Msanjila graduated BSc. Computer Science in 2001 from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; MSc. in Systems Engineering in 2004 from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; and PhD in Computer Science in 2009 from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer at the Mzumbe University in Morogoro, Tanzania. Currently, he is the Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology of Mzumbe University. He is also the Editor-In-Chief of the International Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Information Technology and Business. 
Faustin R. Kamuzora, Mzumbe University
Faustin Kamuzora, PhD (Informatics, University of Bradford, 2006) is a professor of information and communication for development (ICT4D) at Mzumbe University, Tanzania. He is also a visiting professor at Strathmore University, Kenya and Nelson Mandela Institute of Science and Technology (NM-IST), Tanzania. He is also a Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance) of Mzumbe University. He lectures in information technology management, information technology project management, and ICT4D at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Prof. Kamuzora is an author of six books and 75 articles in journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. His research interests include areas of information technology management, electronic commerce and ICT4D

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eISSN: 1998-1279