Survey of Hepatitis B and C infections in an unselected population of members of a sports club in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria

  • U Onwuchekwa
  • LN Chigbu
  • UM Nwosu
  • O Uchefuna
Keywords: Hepatitis B and C, Survey


Background: Member of Aba Spots club including some of the family members were screened for the prevalence of Hepatitis B and C infection. Testing members of the Aba Spots club along with their family members is a strategy to identify undiagnosed hepatitis B and C virus infections in
Aba, Nigeria. We also assessed how the social life of members of Aba Spots Club may influence the acquisition of Hepatitis B and C infections. Materials and Methods: Demorgraphic information of members was collected as blood samples were analyzed for each member using commercially procured test strips. Proportions of those tested for Hepatitis B and C infections were determined.
Results: Among the 470 members, 211; comprising 139 club members and 72 family members, were accessible for Hepatitis B and C infection survey. Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C infection was 3(1.4%) and that of Hepatitis C was 2 (0.95%), with an overall prevalence of 5 (2.4%). No past
results of infection and immunization were noted among the subjects. Conclusion: This study offers opportunity to capture, identify and educate infected and unaffected members of the society on the health hazards associated with Hepatitis B and C infections. Those with known positive hepatitis status also received treatment and those considered susceptible were educated on how to initiate preventive action (e.g. vaccination).

Key words: Hepatitis B and C, Survey


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