Congenital Hyperterophic Pyloric Stenosis of Infants

  • AU Mbanaso
  • AC Adisa
  • BOB Iweha


The earliest recorded case of infantile pyloric stenosis may be that described in 1627 by Hildanus. The first decription of the characteristic clinical and post-mortem findings of the disease as we know it was by Patrick Blair, a Scot surgeon and botanist, who presented his case to the Royal Society in London in 1717.

We present a 7-week-old male infant with congenital hyperterophic pyloric stenosis.

The essence of this case report is to show that this condition could be mistaken for failure to thrive, protein caloric malnutrition, or ignorance on the part of the mother on how to feed the first born child. All these were suggested in our patient, until the surgical unit was invited to review the patient.

Jnl of Medical Investigation and Practice Vol.2 2001: 41-42

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