Journal of Medical Investigation and Practice

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Binding Characteristics Of Ivermectin To Blood Cells

IN Nweke, JE Ogbuokiri


The binding characteristics of Ivermectin were determined using scatchard plots. The percentage binding to platelet rich plasma, white blood cells and red blood cells were 90.00 + 1.00, 96-90 + 1.05 and 46.20 + 1.10 S.D respectively. It was found to bind the highest to white blood cells and the least to red blood cells. The platelet rich plasma was incubated for 2 hours while the white and red blood cells were incubated for 24 hours.

KEY WORDS:Ivermectin, Scatchard plots, Binding, Platelet-rich plasma, Blood cells.

Jnl Med. Investigation & Practice Vol. 3 2001: 39-43

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