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Comparative analysis of different brands of prednisolone tablets using spectrophotometric and high performance liquid chromatographic methods

SA Audu
F Ibrahim
O Musa
M Sani
M Ilyas


The experiment involves analysis of nine brands of prednisolone, using ultra violet spectrophotometer in the range of (200-400nm) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in which the samples were dissolved in various solvents and their various absorbance, peak area at various wavelength were determined and compared with that of the standard, wavelength of maximum absorbance at 240nm was used for prednisolone. Percentage and milligram content for each sample was determined so as to note if it was within the acceptable range of (90.0- 110.0%) for prednisolone. For those that passed the test or if it was below or above the range for samples that are substandard or highly concentrated. The samples’ absorbance and peak area was used along side with the standard absorbance and peak area to calculate the percentage content of each sample. It was observed that of the nine samples of prednisolone tablet, Healthyhour with percentage content of 97.82%, Predlin 97.82%, Perilone 104.02%, Prednicortex 100.77%, QP prednisolone 96.68%, Predilab 106.26%, Osypred 98.27% and GHCL prednisolone 98.50% passed the test but only Perilone with 96.6% passed using HPLC

Keywords: Prednisolone, UV, HPLC

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eISSN: 0189-8442