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Synthesis of long chain lipid amides and their analgesic properties

Haruna Baba, Patrick O. Igbinaduwa, Cyril O. Usifoh, Ching F. Poh, Zainab A. Umoru, Emmanuella O. Agbegha


Long chain lipid amides isolated from animal tissues are known to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The synthesis of analogues of such lipid amides of biological origin was designed and carried out. The analgesic properties of some of the synthesized molecules were also carried out. Condensation reaction involving palmitoyl chloride and primary amino compounds was carried out to produce the desired compounds. Analgesic properties were investigated using acetic acid induced writhing and hot plate models. The synthetic procedure yielded the desired products in good quantity. There was a dose dependent analgesic activity of the products tested. These simple organic molecules, which show promising analgesic properties, could be developed into useful drugs that could be used as effective pain relievers.

Keywords: Benzyl palmitoylamide, propyl palmitoylamide, acetic acid induced writhing, hot plate model

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