Effect of pH and ionic strength on the bioadhesive properties of Prosopis africana gum

  • Anthony A Attama
  • Petra O Nnamani
  • Ogbonna Okorie


Prosopis gum (PG) extracted from Prosopis africana was investigated for bioadhesive properties as affected by pH and ionic strength. The bioadhesive properties were evaluated using the adhesion of gum dispersion-coated glass beads on the antrum region of the porcine gastrointestinal tract and Lecomte Du Nouy tensiometer. Results obtained indicated that prosopis gum is highly bioadhesive and that increase in both ionic strength and pH favour bioadhesion. By implication, PG can be used to target drugs intended to release in the small intestine and that way drugs sensitive to acidic pH, enzymatic attacks in the stomach or those that cause unbearable gastric irritation may be good candidates for bioadhesive drug delivery using Prosopis africana as the bioadhesive material.

Keywords: bioadhesion, ionic strength, pH, Prosopis africana gum

Journal of Pharmacy & Bioresources Vol. 2(2) 2005: 141-145

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0189-8442