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Distribution and threat to white-bellied pangolin (<i>Phataginus tricuspis</i>) in Oluwa Forest Reserve, Ondo State, Nigeria

A.E. Adeniji
B. N. Ejidike
O.E. Olaniyi
V.T. Akala


In this study our aim was to investigate the distribution and threat of white-bellied pangolins within Oluwa Forest Reserve in Ondo State, Nigeria. Field surveys were conducted during both the wet and dry seasons. Indirect observations were employed to gather data on the presence of white-bellied pangolins, including identifying signs such as scats, traces of their tails, burrows, and footprints. During the survey, we recorded 56 occurrence points during the dry season and 51 occurrence points during the wet season. Indirect signs such as scat, footprints, and traces of tails were also documented. Utilizing ArcGIS software, we generated a map illustrating the current distribution pattern of white-bellied pangolins. The Kernel density tool in ArcGIS software was employed to calculate the density of occurrence points representing pangolin sightings. To assess the threats to white-bellied pangolin in the study area, focus group discussion was conducted, a total of 12 participants were purposively selected. Direct observation of threats was also recorded. The findings revealed that 50% of respondents perceived habitat destruction as a significant threat, while 37.5% identified hunting and 12.5% pointed to predators. These results highlight the urgent need for more effective implementation strategies to conserve the white-bellied pangolins in Oluwa Forest Reserve.

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print ISSN: 2141-1778