Evaluation of Range Condition and Trend of Sambisa Game Reserve, Borno State

  • YP Mbaya
  • A Usman
  • FP Fwamu
Keywords: Range sites, woody plant, herbaceous plant, quadrat, transect, density


The study was designed to evaluate the range condition and trend of Sambisa Game Reserve in Borno State, Nigeria. Assessment of herbaceous cover and composition, woody plant density and plant vigor were carried out in randomly selected sample plots. Litter cover was determined by step point transect method, while erosion and its extent was assessed by presence and degree of gullies. Results obtained showed that the mean herbaceous cover was 68% and is composed of perennials (26%), annuals (50%) and weeds (24%). Mean litter cover and mean tree/shrub density were 68% and 218 trees and shrubs per hectare respectively. Erosion was slight. Water is available in the reserve for 9 months in a year. The range condition was evaluated to be in good condition and on a downward trend because of the rapid succession of less desirable plants (annuals and weeds), stunted plants and presence of slight erosion.

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print ISSN: 2141-1778