Journal of Religion and Human Relations

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Laborem Exercens: A Tool for Promoting the Provision of Valuable Services by the Nigerian Civil and Public Servants

Kenechi Nnaemeka Afunugo


The contemporary services proffered by the Nigerian Civil and Public Servants appear to be characterized of lack of commitment in provision of valuable services. This work is geared towards challenging the Nigerian Civil and Public Servants with the tool of Laborem Exercens towards the provision of valuable services in their various specific areas of employment. The Social Learning Theory (SLT) and the Social Disorganization Theory (SDT) used in this work revealed to the fur that the lack of provision of valuable services by the Nigerian Civil and Public Servants and the right appreciation of workers is as a result of corruption endemic in the country. It was discovered that a corruption substructure that provides an opportunity to learn corruption and deviant activities is prevalent in Nigeria. Again, there is no down to earth laid down strict disciplinary measures for civil and public servants that engage in corrupt practices in Nigeria thereby making corruption persistence; this as a result perpetuates the provision of invaluable services by the civil and public servants in Nigeria. This work employed both the primary and secondary means of data collection. It streamlined all the gathered data via phenomenological approach.

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