Challenges and Prospects in Sustaining the Missionary Activities of the Holy Ghost Congregation, Province of Nigeria, South-East, 1980-2020

  • Joseph Oguejiofor Okafor
Keywords: Missionary, Challenges, Sustenance, Holy Ghost


The group of Eastern Nigerian members of the Holy Ghost Congregation who were once shattered and discountenanced by the expulsion of their  guardians and patrons from Nigeria in 1970, stunned critics when rather than disband, it struggled itself to survival, and by1980, was set to launch itself into becoming a great missionary hub that became the Province of Nigeria South-East. Between 1980 and the dawn of 2020, its members  responded actively to missionary engagements in many countries in all the continents of the world, and it even rose along the line to become the most numerous and active Province in the entire Holy Ghost Congregation and among all Catholic Male Religious Congregations in Nigeria. Its journey to greatness was riddled with great challenges. This work, applying thematic, quantitative and critical methods, examined some of these challenges in sustaining its missionary activity, as well as the response of the members of the Province to these challenges. It anchors their effort
on Motivation Theory, and the finding is a success that was aided by dynamic leadership, resilience and commitment harnessed in a team work spirit and garnished by the support and goodwill of associates.

Key Words: Missionary, Challenges, Sustenance, Holy Ghost Congregation


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print ISSN: 2006-5442