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Evaluation of the effectiveness of solar radiation for the disinfection of enteropathogenic e. coli escherichia contaminated water

MO Odongo, PK Katana


The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of solar radiation as a disinfection agent for EPEC contaminated water. Effectiveness of SODIS was determined using viable coliform counts on VRBA medium and inactivation was determined by a reduction in growth of the organisms. The results show that it is possible to achieve a complete decontamination of EPEC  contaminated water without any danger of bacterial re-growth if the disinfected water is properly stored for up to a week. In this study, SODIS of EPEC  contaminated water was successfully achieved to World Health Organization
(WHO) recommended levels for safe drinking water after 8 hours of exposure to direct sunlight. Furthermore, the SODIS water remained safe for drinking without any signs of bacterial re-growth for more than 4 days.

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