When Anthelminitics Don't Work

  • P M Gatongi


Over the years, helminthologists world wide have made commendable advance in the control of helminthes of economic importance in livestock industry. This has included novel control options which have encompassed grazing management systems in integrated control strategies. Admittedly, anthelmintics have remained the single most important component in all these approaches. However, in the last decade or two a lot of concern has been expressed with the regard to the loss of efficacy of these chemotherapeutics in containing the helminth menace in livestock production systems. This unfortunate situation has taken place at different levels ranging from individual farm level to specific global regions. The reasons for this loss of efficacy are varied and may be different at each of theses levels. This paper attempts to highlight possible causes leading to this ineffectiveness of anthelmintics.

The Kenya Veterinarian Vol. 21 2001: pp. 29-31

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eISSN: 0256-5161