The role of Veterinarians in areas with persistent failure of rain (Drought Stricken areas)

  • S H Maloo
  • M B Kenyanjui


The drought stricken areas are usually the marginal areas where livestock production system is the main farming system. Large parts of Somali fall under this category and the NE Somali (Puntland) being no exception. Apart from livestock being kept for nomadic livelihood and, the unregulated export of animals to Arabian and Gulf countries has introduced a new dimension in the lives of the livestock producers in terms of increased demand for pasture, water and veterinary drugs. In order for veterinarians either private or public, to play an effective role, in the treatment and control of livestock diseases, its important to understand the likely events which occur in resultant stress situations and make timely interventions. In the event of prolonged dry spell or drought, veterinary inputs may be of no value as severe scarcity of water and pasture are likely to cause situations where animals are nutritionally compromised and go through a period of being beyond help. The role of veterinarians in drought- stricken areas is crucial and veterinarians should be considered as stakeholders in trying to contain difficult situations.

The Kenya Veterinarian Vol. 22 2001: pp. 58-59

eISSN: 0256-5161