The Benefits of East Coast Fever Immunization (Ecfim) in East Coast Fever Disease (EFC) Control in Kenya

  • M Ndua
  • W Wanyanga
  • N Kariuki
  • P Odago
  • S J Kieth


East Coast fever immunization (ECFiM) using infection and treatment method (ITM) was done in Kiambu District between 1994 and impact assessment was study on ECFiM using a structured questionnaire was carried out in 1998. On 230 farms immunized and 40 control farms, the response by farmers was analysed Using EPI-INFO version 6. A total of 84.3 % of the farmers considered ECFiM to be safe. In ECF immunized farms, spraying of cattle using acaricide has been relaxed from once a week to twice a month. 90.8 % of the farmers who had ECFiM technology and integrated tick control and tick borne disease control will make it possible for the introduction of superior breeds in areas where ECF was a major constraint in Kenya.

The Kenya Veterinarian Vol. 22 2001: pp. 63-65

eISSN: 0256-5161