Information professionalism in a digital age: cutting edge competencies in a competitive community

  • CO Omekwu Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria


The paper contends that the need for developing new professional skills is predicated on the evolving electronic environment. The emerging electronic systems provide better and broader platforms for the actualisation of the professional hallmarks of contact, communication and co-operation. Situated at the frontline or technological advancement, librarians and information professionals must redefine their work in a knowledge-based economy that is devoted to information management in order to meet the demands of the new environment. With professional activities and institutions migrating to the Web, professionals with the appropriate skills will have a competitive edge over others lacking in skills required to operate in the emerging practice environment. Both professional and personal skills are inevitable. Professional skills relate to knowledge of information resources, access, technology and management and using this to provide the best information services. Personal skills deal with skill sets, attitudes and values required for work efficient, communication and value-added contribution to their organisations. The paper recommends computer, Internet, Information and Information professional of the digital age.

Keywords: competencies, competitive community, cutting edge, digital age, information, professionalism

Lagos Journal of Library and Information Science Vol. 1(2) 2003: 95-100

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eISSN: 1596-9487