Determination of water absorption rate of palm kernel shells as an alternative pore agents in insulating refractory bricks

  • CE Ekong


Various organic pore agents are used for the production of insulating refractory bricks (IRB). Most times, the deficiencies of the respective pore agents appear to be ignored by the makers of the bricks, and the users. Sawdust, for instance, which is about the most commonly used organic pore agent is known to have high water absorption rates. This is in addition to the inability of the user to have it from one grade of wood-hard wood which is preferred. These factors amount to various drawbacks in the insulating refractory bricks produced with it. In order to curb this problem, this study identified palm kernel shells (PKS) as a potential alternative pore agent in IRB bodies. The focus of the work was on the water absorption rate of PKS. The study employed studio experimentation method. It showed that the water absorption rate of PKS is insignificant and, therefore, is recommended for use as pore agent in insulating refractory bricks.

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print ISSN: 2346-7126