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Higher education and general studies in Nigeria: A philosophical investigation

Charles C Nweke, Chukwugozie D Nwoye


A critical look at Nigeria’s national policy on education on tertiary or higher education reveals a startling chasm of gap between the goals of the policy through General Studies Programme and their expected actualizations. This problem, that is, the chasm of gap, is owned to the maladministration and immoral conducts of the people to whom the students are under their influence directly or indirectly. It is the effects of these chasms of gap that have resulted largely in unemployable youths in Nigeria’s labour market per se, youth’s restiveness and so many other ills that go with it. In this study, through the philosophical method of critical analysis, the researchers are poised to offer competent administration born of patriotism and good moral conducts on the part of higher institutions’ hierarchies as valuable ideas that will bridge the existing gap between the goals of the policy and their expected actualizations, and as such, yield the desired results.

Keywords: General Studies, Nigeria, National Policy, Education

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