The Human Resource crisis in the Zambian Health Sector – a discussion paper

  • E Makasa


Objectives: The human resource crisis facing the Zambian health sector has potential to derail existing health programs including millennium development goals. This paper will highlight the underpinning factors, analyze current interventions and propose alternative solutions to this crisis. Design: The study was done through a review of articles and reports covering the topic. Main outcomes/results: The human resource crisis has been recognized by the Zambian government, Zambian organizations and the international community as the greatest challenge that threatens the entire healthcare system. The situation is getting worse and solutions implemented thus far have neither been totally effective nor comprehensive in arresting, let alone reversing the trend. Conclusion: The human resource crisis in Zambia has reached a disastrous stage with the health system at breaking point. Corrective measures have been started but these need to be strengthened and as comprehensive as can be. There is also need for innovation to consider other solutions that have not been tried before. This is important in order to safeguard Zambia’s development and all the other investments that the country has made into its future through programs such as the fight against HIV/ AIDS. Although there is need for stronger international cooperation, the primary solutions can and must come from within Zambia.

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