Who is accessing antiretroviral therapy in Malawi? study in the Southern Region on the occupation category “other”

  • T B Teferra
  • M Hochgesang
  • S D Makombe
  • K Kamoto
  • AD Harries


As part of quarterly national reports on the scale up of antiretroviral therapy (ART), demographic and clinical characteristics are recorded including data on occupation. The largest occupational category is that of “other”. As there is no information on the composition of the different occupations of patients placed in this category, a formal study was therefore conducted in 6 representative public sector facilities in the Southeastern Region of Malawi. Between January to June 2006, there were 126 adult patients recorded as “other” in the occupation column. A great variety of different occupations was recorded including no employment 30%, administration jobs 24%, general labourers 11%, builders 10%, tailors 9% and drivers 7%. A wide range of people with different jobs are accessing ART, and this should help in improving the economy of the patients as well as the country at large.

Malawi Medical Journal Vol. 19 (4) 2007 pp. 138-139

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eISSN: 1995-7262
print ISSN: 1995-7262