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St. Lukes' Survey on vaccination coverage

AO Quartero


St. Lukes hospital, a PRAM unit in Zomba district, had an estimated vaccination coverage of 44% in 1990. To conf"1rID this very low coverage, a survey was done in the 5 km catchment area around the hospital. 611 children, being 104% of the estimated number, bom between 1st June 1989 and 31st May 1990 were checked for vaccination status and the type of unit where they received the vaccinations. 593 (97.1%) appeared to be fully immunised; 13 (2.1%) had lost their card; 3 (0.5%) had partial immunisation and 2 (0.3%) had not received any vaccination. 54.2% of all vaccinations were given through outreach clinics; 33.7% in the hospital; 11.8 % in health centres and 0.3% in private units.- This survey shows in the fIrst place that an estimated vaccination coverage can give a very poor picture of the real situation. In the second place it shows the importance of outreach clinics as a means of improving immunisation activities.

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