Informational privacy and security amid growing activities on electronic platforms in Nigeria: A case for data protection law

  • Daniel U. Nnam
Keywords: Personal Data, Human Right, Privacy, Information Technology


Data protection is a fundamental approach created to provide security and protection over information that are personal to individuals and are capable of identifying or leading towards the identification of individuals. Informational privacy in this context connotes the protection accorded to individuals in the processing, storage and dissemination of private information. Put differently, it suggests the misuse or unwanted use of private information. This mechanism is extremely crucial to Nigeria in today’s growing trends in information and communication technology. Essentially, this paper seeks to re-echo and underpin the importance of adopting a formidable regulation(s) towards the way and manner personal information of people are being processed, stored and disseminated. This is having regards to Nigeria’s growing interests in electronic approach to citizen’s identity management, education, business and social activities, and governance at all levels. This paper further answers questions on how porous Nigeria has become in the overall management of people’s personal information compared to other countries with effective data protection regulations. It also highlights the importance of a data protection regulation to the nation’s economy. Furthermore, unprotected use of personal information on internet has prompted another side of reservation about right to privacy. This paper equally looks at how data protection legislation will advance the right to privacy in the use of internet and information technology.

Keywords: Personal Data, Human Right, Privacy, Information Technology


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