The need for a new convention to deal with aviation related crimes

  • Luke C. Muoneke
Keywords: Aviation, Crimes, Convention, International Law


In legal regime governing crimes on board aircraft, three international Conventions are very relevant and indispensable. They are Tokyo Convention (1963), Hague Convention (1970), and Montreal Convention (1971) together with their protocols. These instruments though have been very useful in dealing with crimes relating to aviation; yet they have been found to be inadequate in the face of current challenges of terrorism and global security needs. The challenge of security in the modern times relating to aviation is of a serious concern. This paper examines the three mentioned Conventions and points out the weakness of the Conventions as at today and therefore canvasses the need for a new Convention to address modern security challenges.

Keywords: Aviation, Crimes, Convention, International Law


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print ISSN: 2276-7371