Development, concept and scope of copyright protection in Nigeria: an overview

  • Desmond O. Oriakhogba
  • Alero I. Fenemigho
Keywords: Copyright Protection, Intellectual Property, Performing Rights, Folklore.


The development of copyright protection regime has an inexorable link with economic development and growth. This is so because as the economy of a nation advances, so the creative industry grows; and so also does the need for access to the products of this industry on the part of the public grow. This brings with it the risk of a rise in the unjustified exploitation of copyright works to the disadvantage of rights owners. Thus, it is imperative to constantly review particular copyright systems to determine conformity with basic global standards. This forms the aim of this paper which focuses essentially on basic issues relating to the development, concept and the scope of protection afforded copyright in Nigeria. The paper finds that the scope of copyright protection in the Nigerian legal system is quite extensive as it complies with basic global best practice. It recommends that for a more complete meaning of the concept ‘copyright,’ focus should not only be on the creators but on owners of the work. It also suggests a way for more effective administration of folklore protection.

Key words: Copyright Protection; Intellectual Property; Performing Rights; Folklore.


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print ISSN: 2276-7371