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Synergy of the local vigilante group and the police in Anambra State: A proactive step to combat crime

Chinazor Queen Umeobika


In Nigeria, the prevalence of crime has become a worrisome issue just like in some  other jurisdictions. This is based on the fact that crime is a threat to public safety,  growth and development of a nation. Crime rates vary in different jurisdictions, and the mechanisms put in place to check the trend and incidence also vary. In Nigeria, the police have been saddled with the responsibility to combat crime, along with other law enforcement agents established by law to carry out similar duties in different  capacities. However, with the increase in crime in different communities, the enormous duty on the police, the inadequacies in accomplishing this task and the expectation of the masses for government to ensure security and peace, it became imperative that the community security services be adopted to complement and assist these law  enforcement agents to combat crime in Nigeria, hence the existence of the local vigilante group in Anambra State and some other States in Nigeria. This study examines the legal duties of these vigilante groups and the manner they carry out their duties with a view to finding out the necessity or otherwise of this group to combat crime in collaboration with the other law enforcement agents.

Key words: Synergy, Vigilante, Police, Anambra State, Crime.