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Separation of powers in Nigeria: an anatomy of power convergences and divergences

Uwadineke C. Kalu


There are presently in Nigeria disputes and controversies concerning the meeting points of the powers allotted the various organs of government. The executive arm of government today appears to dwarf the other arms of government in the amplitude and plenitude of powers of wields. The legislative and judicial arms of government appear to be at the receiving end it the endless erosion of their powers by a blossoming state bureaucracy or executive expediency. There are however certain salient areas in the interface or interplay of powers where the three arms of government must converge or meet for the orderly regulation or governance of our society. This paper reviewed the hallowed concept of separated powers of government, the meeting points of the powers and their areas of dislocation. It also examined the practice in the Nigerian polity vis-à-vis some other jurisdictions of the powers of government across the three arms of government in Nigeria. Some recommendations that will uplift the law and practice of separated powers in Nigeria were made.

Keywords: Separation of Powers, Nigeria, Convergences, Divergences