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Attraction of business and restriction in legal practice in Nigeria and United States: need for globalization <i>via</i> legal education

Akin Olawale Oluwadayisi
Lilian Ebun Effiong
Alaba Ibironke Kekere
David Tarh-Akong Eyongndi


The legal practice is perceived by many to be a noble profession where high professional standards and ethics are maintained. In addition, it is a profession for the diligent; those who know their worth and have what it take to discharge their professional responsibility. However, the practice in many jurisdictions where advertisement of legal practice or law firm is permitted does not encourage the display of skills and can kill brilliant performance and nobility accorded the profession. It puts law for sale and capable of deceiving prospective clients to engage law firms who have money to advertise or attracts even when they do not possess the ideal or desired qualities. Thus, this paper explores some of the provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct in Nigeria, which restrict the attraction of business in the practice of law with some exceptions. It will also compare the implications of the practice with other jurisdiction(s) in order to discover the value of it. The paper further advocates the globalization of the concept through legal education in law faculties in the Universities and law schools.

Keywords: Attraction, Legal Practice, Globalization, Legal Education, Entreprelaw