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Combating electoral fraud using the rights-base approach

Olusegun Victor Adesanya


This paper examines strategic efforts aimed at combating electoral fraud. The aim is to identify what makes a strategy effective and functional or otherwise. Two strategies are actually identified and examined accordingly. The first is the Agency Based approach which allows States delegate the duty of enforcing electoral laws to a specific agency which will shoulder the responsibility of enforcing compliance with electoral standards. The second approach, on the other hand, is the Rights Based approach. This approach recognizes and promotes the rights of citizens to take part in holding duty-bearers and violators of electoral standards accountable. The paper contends that though the first has enormous potential for combating electoral crimes, the second actually provides more realistic prospects for dealing with the complex electoral realities and electoral frauds foisted on the continent of Africa today

Keywords: „Electoral Fraud‟, „State Duties‟, „Right Based Approach‟, „Responsibility‟, „Agency Based Approach‟