New Egyptian Journal of Microbiology

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Production Of Α-Galactosidase From Local Isolated Strain Of Bacillus circulans

E El-Shebawy, S Saleh, A Afify, O H El-sayed


α- Galactosidase was detected in the culture media of Bacillus circulans isolated from soil of (plants Island in Aswan). The optimum condition for growth and enzyme production were determined where the optimum pH was 6.5 to 7and incubation temperatures was 35 to 40ºC. Maximum activity of α-galactosidase in the production media was found after 48 hours (2.21 U/ml) followed by decreasing in activity at the 3rd day (0.860 U/ml). No activity was detected at the 4th day of incubation. Galactose was the most effective carbon source for α-galactosidase production followed by other sugars containing α-galactoside bounds, such as melibiose, stachyose and raffinose. Yeast extract in addition, was the best nitrogen source for enzyme production from local isolated Bacillus circulans.

New Egyptian Journal of Microbiology Vol. 17 (2) 2007: pp. 224-232
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