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Observation and Analysis of Anti-cancer Drug Use and Dose Individualization Requirements at Local Cancer Hospital (BINO)

M Asghar
G Murtaza
M Ashraf
Y Luqman
M Asgher
R Ali


As all anti-cancer drugs are of narrow therapeutic window so dose individualization is required to be done. A study was conducted to check the use of anti-cancer drugs in the local anti-cancer facility of Bahawalpur i.e. Bahawalpur Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology (BINO). In this study, the dose individualization requirements of the anti-cancer drugs were also observed. A number of prescriptions (400) of cancer patients, admitted in the hospital were collected by a survey. The survey was done on a simple form designed to collect the data. From the data collected, the use of anti-cancer drugs was observed, and dose calculations were made by standard formula to check the dose individualization of the drugs. The data was then statistically analyzed and results were represented graphically. The use and dose individualization requirements of anti-cancer drugs was proper and according to the signs and symptoms of the type of cancer, and were in accordance with combinations mentioned and recommended in various literatures as they were verified by calculating the doses of all the drugs prescribed, individually. It was found that most of the doses were in resemblance to the standard doses. Some differences in prescribed and calculated doses were found but they may have been due to the fact that the patient may be requiring a different dose. Overall the drug use of anticancer drugs at the BINO hospital was proper and well managed.

Keywords: Cancer, Dose calculation, Statistical analysis.

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eISSN: 1597-7889