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Hepatic haemangioma, a Diagnostic Dilemma in a Developing Sub-Saharan Country: A Report of Two Cases

C.A Onyekwere
R Igetei
L Hameed
B Balogun


Hepatic haemangioma is an uncommon benign tumour that often presents a diagnostic challenge as it could be mistaken for other focal hepatic lesion. Two cases managed in our facility are presented: Case 1-A 57 years old male with right hypochondrial pain and ultrasonographic finding of large focal hyperechoeic (10 x 9cm) mass. Computerised tomographic scan (CT scan) and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were inconclusive but liver biopsy confirmed a cavernous haemangioma. Case 2-A 41 years old male who presented with similar right hypochondrial pain; ultrasound revealed a homogenous focal lesion (4.2 x 4.5cm). Dynamic CT and MRI indicated hepatic haemangioma. Both patients had normal biochemical parameters including tumour markers. The absence of symptoms in a patient with
liver mass and normal laboratory findings should raise an index of suspicion of haemangioma. Dynamic imaging is vital where possible and if inconclusive, liver biopsy with histology.

Key words: Hepatic, haemangioma, imaging.

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eISSN: 1597-7889