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Performance evaluation of date-seed activated carbon as adsorbent in adsorption refrigeration system

M.S. Abdulkadir,
D.M. Kulla
G.Y. Pam


Vapour compression refrigeration systems are characterised by relative high energy requirement in addition to environmental pollution tendencies. Adsorption refrigeration system could be a better option in terms of huge energy savings and carbon emission reduction. This study is aimed at evaluating the performance and characteristics of date-seed activated carbon (DSAC) for use as adsorbent in adsorption refrigeration. Using isoster-based adsorbent/adsorbate equilibrium test rig, pressure, temperature and concentration (P-T-X) data were obtained. The isosteric heat of adsorption for conventional activated (CAC) and DSAC are estimated to a first approximation to be 16.058 and 16.650 kJ/Kg respectively. The results showed that date-seed activated carbon has relatively good adsorptive characteristics.