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Effect of Salmonella thyphymurium Infection on the Pharmacokinetics of Ceftriaxone in Sokoto Red Goats

OJ Abdulgafar, OB Shaibu, UE Emmanuel


This study was designed to investigate the effect of Salmonella thyphimurium infection on the plasma kinetics of ceftriaxone in Sokoto red goats. In a randomised two-way study, 10 healthy male goats were divided into two groups of five each, and either received a single intramuscular (IM) injection of 1g ceftriaxone only or 1g Ceftriaxone plus inoculation with S. thyphimurium. Non compartmental pharmacokinetic parameters were measured in plasma samples by microbiological assay using
Escherichia. coli as the test organism. The pharmacokinetic parameters of Ceftriaxone alone were as follows: absorption half life 0.509±0.004hr, elimination half-life 0.580±0.012hr, maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) 45.56±0.191ìg/ml, Time to attain Cmax 0.7±0.123hr, area under the curve(AUC) 144.06±1.711ìg-hr/ml, area under mean curve (AUMC) 313.46±6.156ìg-hr*hr/ml, volum of distribution (Vd) 485.28±15.725ml/kg, Cl 578.751±6.880ml/hr/kg, MRT 2.18±0.020hr. These were significantly influenced by S. thyphimurium infection; with the absorption half life as 0.318±0.084hr, elimination halflife
0.866±0.113hr, Cmax 41±2.915ìg/ml, Tmax 0.5hr, AUC 90.14±2.952ìg-hr/ml, AUMC 175.84±6.948ìg-hr*hr/ml, Vd 1175.36±181.30ml/kg, clearance 928.549±30.675ml/hr/kg, MRT
1.94±0.060hr . These findings suggest that S. thyphimurium infection in Sokoto red goat significantly influences the pharmacokinetics of Ceftriaxone. Further studies are required to buttress these findings and to establish the mechanism of interaction.
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