Effect of Temperature and Relative Humidity on the Growth of Helminthosporium fulvum

  • M Ibrahim
  • AB Rabah
  • B Liman
  • NT Ibrahim
Keywords: Effect, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Growth, Helminthosporium fulvum


The effects of temperature and relative humidity on the growth of Helminthosporium fulvum were investigated. Various temperature regimes of 10oC, 15oC, 20oC, 25oC, 30oC, 35oC and 40¢ªC were used to determine the temperature effect on the growth of H. fulvum. Maximum growth of H. fulvum was obtained at 25¢ªC and 30¢ªC temperatures. The fungus was also cultured on 100, 92.5, 85, 74 and 32.5% relative humidity regimes. The fungus showed maximum growth at 92.5 and 100% relative humidity. The growth of the fungus was observed to increase with increase in relative humidity and vice versa. There were significant differences (P¡Â0.05) in the growth of the fungus at different temperature and relative humidity regimes. The implication of these findings were discussed

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0794-5698