Cobalt and Zinc in Toenails of Some Kano Inhabitants

  • JT Ayodele
  • IC Ajala
Keywords: Cobalt, Zinc, toenails, Kano, Nigeria


Quantitative determination of Co and Zn concentrations in toenails of 42 volunteers with a mean age of 25.01 ± 11.46 years and resident in Kano for at least six months were assayed by atomic absorption (AAS). .Significantly high levels of Co and Zn were present in the toenails of some individuals with a mean Co of 75.72 ± 24.67ìg/g and 108.51 ± 61.40 ìg/g for Co and Zn respectively. With respect to age there was increase relation in zinc concentrations with age with approximate average of 18% in its concentrations with each decade but no such uniform pattern for the cobalt concentrations.

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print ISSN: 0794-5698