Boundary Layer Fluid Flow in a Channel with Heat Source, Soret Effects and Slip Condition

  • IJ Uwanta
  • BY Isah
Keywords: Heat source, soret, boundary layer, channel, perturbation, slip condition


The boundary layer fluid flow in a channel with heat source, soret effects and slip condition was studied. The governing equations were solved using perturbation technique. The effects of different parameters such Prandtl number Pr , Hartmann number M, Schmidt number Sc, suction parameter ƒÜ , soret number Sr and the heat source s on velocity, temperature and concentration were studied. Numerical computations involved in the solution have been shown on graphs and tables. It was observed that the temperature increased with an increase in perturbation parameter, heat source, and suction, but temperature decrease with increase in Prandtl numbers. The concentration profile increased with an increasing suction, soret, and perturbation parameter and decreases with an increasing Schmidt and heat source parameters, while the velocity increased with increase in Hartmann number, perturbation parameter, suction, Grashof and modified Grashof numbers, and slip variable and decreased as a result of an increasing Schmidt, Prandtl and soret numbers. The skin friction coefficient, Nusselt number and Sherwood number were also depicted on tables. The skin friction coefficient increased with the increase in material parameters ƒÜ ,Pr,Sc,Sr,Gc,andmt and decreased with increase of material parameters s,Gr,M,andƒ× . Increasing effects of Pr, decreased the Nusselt number while increasing ƒÜ,sandmt increased the Nusselt number with appreciative results. Sherwood number increased with the increased of material parameter Pr and inversely decreases with increase in .. s,ƒÜ, Sc,Sr andmt .

Keywords: Heat source, soret, boundary layer, channel, perturbation, slip condition


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print ISSN: 0794-5698