Role of Educational Guidance in Career Development of Students at All Levels

  • Bisi Obadofin


The study examined the role that guidance and counselling in schools plays in achieving the goal of helping young people to have a smooth and successful transition from school to the work place. It was pointed out that the present guidance programmes in schools is inadequate and also deficient. The study discussed the role of education in career development of individuals, this consist of lifelong process of developing work values and learning about opportunities inter alia. The study emphasised that education at all levels should be concerned with the development of total human life, including the career development needs of individuals, and that education should be adapted to become a more relevant introduction to the world beyond it. The place of government in helping schools to prepare young people for the situation after school, and the responsibilities of teachers, counsellors, social workers, and parents in helping students to cultivate a high degree of self understanding, in encouraging them in career planning and awareness, and in decision making. The career development process should be at all levels of education, and also within and outside the formal system.

(Nigerian Journal of Clinical and Counselling Psychology: 2001 7 (2&1): 103-112)

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eISSN: 1118-4035