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Effect of chronic kidney disease on serum resistin level

S Dan, P Aditya, P Banerjee, C Bal, H Roy, I Banerjee


Background: Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) of all etiologies are usually associated with Insulin Resistance (IR). Resistin is also a protein associated with IR. Some studies conducted abroad have shown that resistin level is higher among CKD patients.
Objective: To test if serum resistin level is significantly higher in CKD patients compared to normal individuals.
Patients and Methods: 96 CKD patients and 97 normal individuals were included in the study. Written informed consent was obtained from every individual.
Results: Serum resistin level was higher in CKD patients compared to control subjects. The difference in serum resistin level between two groups was statistically significant.
Conclusion: Our study is probably the first study in India comparing serum resistin levels of CKD patients vis-à-vis control subjects. Further cellular research may be needed to explore this relation.

Key words: Chronic kidney disease, HOMA-IR, insulin resistance, resistin
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