Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of klebsiella species from Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, Nigeria

  • CN Akujobi Department of Medical Micrbiology Parasitological, College of Medicine, Nigeria


Klesiella specie isolated from clinical specimens from Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital ( EBSUTH), Abakakliki were studied to determine the antimicrobial susceptibility patter.Between January, 2003 and September 2004 a totaql of 3,600 specimens processed in the routine Medical Microbiology laboratory of EBSUTH, of which 245(6.8%) yielded Klebsilla species, with 84 from out – patients and 161 from in – patients The number of isolates from various samples were:” Urine 126, Sputum 37 Edocervical swab 13, Aspirates 8, High Vaginal Swab 7, Blood 3,Eye Swab, Ear Swab and Cerebrospinal fluid were 2 samples each. Organisms were identified b y the conventional methods. Antimicrobial susceptibility was done by the disk diffusion methods. The antimicrobial disk used include: Ceftazidime, Cefurxime, Cefotaxine, Augmentin, Pefloxacin (30ug), Doxycyline (25ug) Genticin (10 ug) Cigprofloacin and Ofloxacin (5ug) each and Erythromycin (15ug) all were Oxoid products. Results were interpreted according to NCCLS criteria. Klebsilla species were isolated most from urine specimens (51.4%) followed by wound swsabs (18.4%) Antimicrobial susceptibility to various groups drugs used was generally poor. The most sensitive antimicrobial was Cipprofoxacin with 121(49.4%) isolates susceptible to it, followed by Genetamicin with 95(38.8%) than Ceftazidime with 90(36.7%). Seventeen isolates were muti resistant to all the antimicrobial agents used. The result of this study will help in the empirc theraopy of infection csused by Klebsella species in Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Nigeria but continuous surverillance of antimicrobial resistance of the organnisn is very necessary in the formulation of a sound a antibiotic policy in the hospital

Keywords: Klebsiella spp, antimicrobial susceptibility

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol. 8(2) 2005: 90-93

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eISSN: 1119-3077