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Hypertension among dental patients attending tertiary health institution in Edo state, Nigeria.

P I Ojehanon
O Akhionbare


Introduction: Hypertension is one of the cardiovascular diseases which has been reported as one of the common causes of death worldwide. Some medical conditions including hypertension could alter the course of oral disease; modify dental treatment and response to such treatment.

Objective: This was to determine the prevalence of hypertension among dental patients and their common presenting oral complaint.

Method: Measurement of the blood pressure of all the patients aged 18 77years who were attending the dental clinic was carried out using sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.

Results: The overall prevalence of hypertension among dental patients was 19.7% while that for unknown hypertension (hypertension detected at the dental clinic) was 10.3%. Acute periapical periodontitis and chronic marginal gingivitis were common clinical presentations.

Conclusion: Some dental patients were unaware of their blood pressure levels. It is important for all dental patients to be screened for hypertension to avoid the complications that may arise therefrom.

Keywords: Hypertension, Dental patients, Tertiary Health Institution.

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol. 10 (3) 2007 pp. 220-223

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