Neurosurgery In Nigeria - An Evaluation Of The Perception Of Health Personnel In A New Centre And A Comparison Of The Nigerian SituationWith That Of Other African States.

  • JK Emejulu
Keywords: Africa, Neurosurgeons, Population, Ratio, World


Neurosurgery has become endangered species in Nigeria. We have only 15 practising neurosurgeons for our population of 150million, giving a ratio of one neurosurgeon to 10million Nigerians.Of the 26 accredited medical schools, only 6 offer neurosurgery. This study is a preliminary evaluation of the perceptions about neurosurgery before the commencement of neurosurgical services in a tertiary health institution, and a comparisonwith the situation in otherAfrican countries.Aquestionnaire designed after the 5-point Likert rating scalewas distributed to doctors, nurses, final-yearmedical/nursing students, paramedics and administrative staff of the 350-bed health institution. The completed questionnaires thatwere returned,were collated and data analysis done. Out of 200 questionnaires distributed, 164 were completed and returned. Most of the respondents were females 59.1%, and most were in the 20 30 year age group, 57.3%; more than 96% stated that they have heard of neurosurgery previously, but rated the available services in Nigeria as inadequate 50.6%, and quality of services as fair 39.6% or poor 36.6%, respectively. In their opinion, political and administrative lapses rather than funding are responsible for the poor state of affairs, culminating in unavailability of adequate manpower and facilities.Health policy changes and provision of facilitieswithmanpower trainingwere suggested by78% of respondents as the solution to the problem.Most, however agree that neurosurgery has good prospects 78%, in the institution. Neurosurgical service in Nigeria is grossly inadequate both in availability and quality, and these have resulted from bad government policies. It is therefore of utmost necessity that services and training be urgently provided in this specialty, at least in the tertiary institutions inNigeria.

Keywords: Africa;Neurosurgeons; Population;Ratio;World.

Nigerian Jouranl of Clinical Practice Vol. 11 (4) 2008: pp. 291-295

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