Maternal views and experiences regarding repeat Caesarean section

  • BA Olofinbiyi
  • RO Olofinbiyi
  • OP Aduloju
  • BP Atiba
  • OD Olaogun
  • OR Ogundare
Keywords: Experiences, maternal views, Nigeria, repeat caesarean section


Objective: The aim was to determine maternal views and experiences regarding repeat caesarean section.

Methods: A pretested and validated semi‑structured questionnaire was administered to women with prior cesarean section by trained research assistants and resident doctors; anonymity and confidentiality were strictly observed. The questionnaire comprised information reflecting patients’ sociodemographic structure, level of education, number of previous cesarean section, maternal complications following previous cesarean and opinions about acceptance and refusal of cesarean section.

Results: Two hundred and twenty‑seven women participated in the study out of which 157 (69.2%) would accept a repeat cesarean section and 70 (30.8%) would not accept. Significant proportion of respondents above 35 years of age would refuse a repeat cesarean section (58.6%). Religious belief (39.7%) and pain (26.5%) were the most common reasons for refusal of cesarean section.

Conclusion: Appreciable proportion of women with previous caesarean section will decline a repeat cesarean section. Re‑orientation, reappraisal and appropriate corrective action in the areas of religious belief and postoperative pain management will positively influence our women’s acceptance of a repeat cesarean section.

Keywords: Experiences, maternal views, Nigeria, repeat caesarean section


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